Publication 2017

“Greening ULAB, Pioneering the Campus Sustainability Program in Bangladesh (2017)”, Joy Bhowmik, Samiya A. Selim & Shantanu Kumar Saha, ULAB Publishing, ISBN: 978-984-34-2827-1

Olympic-Environmental-Impact-Assessment-ReportPlease also see the report at this link as well:

“Organizational Capacity of Disabled people’s Organization, Success and Challenges”, Md. S. Islam, Samiya A Selim, Shantanu K. Saha, Abu S.M.Nur, Md. A.Mahfuz, Organizational Capacity of Disabled people’s Organization, Success and Challenges (2017), ULAB Publishing, ISBN 978-984-34-2533-1

Farmer’s Perception on Climate Change and Adaptation Related to Drought -The Case of Northern Part of Bangladesh

ISBN: 978-984-34-2647-5

Journal article

Islam, M.S. (2017). Local knowledge and practices can help in drought prediction and extreme weather management. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge-Vol. 16 (3), July 2017, pp. 448-453.


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