“Sustainable Living”– an event at Sir John Wilson School

On 19th February, 2020 Sir John Wilson School gathered some individuals who are experts in their occupational fields and are contributing in their best possible ways to raise awareness about sustainability. The principal of the school, Sabreena Shakeer delivered the greeting speech for the two sessions held on the same day. 

The first session mainly covered presentations from the distinguished guest speakers on topics such as ‘Sustainable Fashion’, ‘Animal Life Conservation’ and ‘Plastic Recycling’. The second session comprised the demonstration of a wonderful project on ‘Sustainable Farming’, a rap song on ‘Climate Change’ performed by six students of class 4, an amazing experience-sharing by two students on ‘Ethical tourism’ around the country, and the last but not the least an exciting ‘Climate Change Game’ arranged by Centre for Sustainable Development, CSD.

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