Publication 2016

Hassan, M.N and Islam, M.S. (2016).  Bangladesh, In Visser. W. (Ed.), The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise (Volume 2: Asia Pacific) (pp. 36-41). Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield.

Journal article

Islam, M.S. (2016). Comparative Study on Management Practices between Organic and Chemical Farming. Australia New Zealand Journal of Social Business, Environment and Sustainability, 2(1), 47-77.

Islam, M.S. (2016). Minor Crops in Bangladesh: Scope and Limitations. Journal of Agriculture and Crops, 2(5), 51-56.


International Conference on Sustainable Development Proceedings 2016, 4-5th February 2016, ULAB, Dhaka, Bangladesh

ISBN 978-984-34-1611-7

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