Research Themes

In the context of rapid change, uncertainty, complexity, contestation, mismatch between knowledge and action, and increasing interconnectedness in the development world, there is demand for knowledge to contribute to solving societal problems.

Strategic priorities are to ensure environmental protection for humans, ecosystems and resources with due empha- sis on conservation, augmentation and efficient use of natural resources.

The key challenges are to achieve and maintain food security in the face of growing population, environmental pres- sure and climate change. Unsafe food is also a major health hazard in Bangladesh affecting food security. While rapid urbanization is inevitable, the biophysical and social complexities are becoming unmanageable. Peri-urban and rural issues such as the vulnerable coastal zone of Bangladesh are also critical. The challenge is to manage natural re- sources in the coastal zone in a manner that will not only ensure sustainability but also meet the livelihood needs of the poor. Water resource management is a central focus of sustainable development.

Sustainable Livelihoods/ Social Business

Climate Change and Adaptation

Agriculture and Food Security

Disaster Management

Coastal Zone Management

Integrated Water Resource Management

Natural Resource Management

Peri-urban and urbanization

Additional Social Research on Gender issues and marginalized communities

Completed Research Projects

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