Completed Research Projects


Past Research conducted under CSD’s following research themes (2010-2016)

Sustainable Livelihoods/Social Business:   

“Development of instructional videos for agronomic bio-fortification and safety measures”  This is a media project with GIZ and HKI where CSD developed 2 instructional videos 1) Instruction for agronomic bio-fortification of rice with zinc. 2) Safety measures including safe disposal of containers

Study on Impact of Contractual Dairy Farming

Increasing Access to Homestead Biogas in Tetulia project with ULAB Academic research fund.

Organic Farming Guideline for Green Perspective: A Case of Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited

Present Status of Homestead Nursery of CARE-LIFT Project: A Case Study in Patuakhali, Bangladesh

Study on Plant of Paradise: Multiple Uses of Banana for Sustainable Development, European Journal of Agricultural Sciences (EJAS)  Published in Vol. 10, PP 136-142

Climate Change and Adaptation:

Farmers Perception on Climate Change and Adaptation Related to Drought on Selected Northwest region in Bangladesh

Household Dynamics and Capabilities approach: Understanding Climate induced Migration and Remittances in Coastal Bangladesh (ongoing)

Agriculture and Food Security:

Risk perception and behavior of consumers: An exploration and comparison in formalin free and traditional kitchen markets in Dhaka

Bioaccumulation of chromium in fish from solid tannery waste

Comparative study on Floral Diversity and Management Practices between Organic and Chemical Farming

Food Adulteration and Public Health: An exploratory study on the consumer perception in Dhaka City

Disaster Management:

Mobilizing Communities for Disaster Risk Reduction – The Case of Bangladesh

Research on Disaster Prevention/Mitigation Measures against Floods and Storm Surges in Bangladesh

Coastal Zone Management:

Polderisation in tidal flood plains – exploring impacts on social processes in Bangladesh Southwest Delta

Integrated Water Resource Management:

Integrating the dynamics of social and biophysical processes to support delta management

Assessing health, livelihoods, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation in populous deltas

Gender in Aquaculture: A study on Division of Power and Works

Social Water Management among Munda People in the Sunderbans

Natural Resource Management:

Measuring the Social Impact of business: A Case of Kazi&Kazi Tea Estate Limited (KKTE) Bangladesh project in partnership with Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Limited

Peri-urban and urbanization:

Greening ULAB: a sustainable campus management program being implemented through four ongoing projects on efficient energy consumption, rainwater harvesting, composting, and paper reuse and recycling, waste minimization and recycling

Artificial groundwater recharge through rainwater harvesting in urban residential areas: a study on Niketan area of Dhaka city, Book Chapters: Rainwater Harvesting in Bangladesh: Potentials, Challenges and Stakeholders’ Responses. Dhaka: WaterAid Bangladesh, 2013. pp. 51-58

Additional Social Research on Gender issues and marginalized communities:

Assessing Organizational Capacity of the DPOs in Bangladesh: Success and Challenges.

1 death=3 Bighas of land (A documentary on the landless people of Jayedanagar, Satkhira)

Liberation and Empowerment: Attaining Dignity and Rights for sex workers and their children in Bangladesh (LEADR Project) in partnership with Action Aid Bangladesh

Gender Equity & Access to Education in partnership with VERC

A Documentary on Nurturing Connections

Flickering of Fireflies (A documentary on Women in Politics funded by International Donor: AECID