Dr. Haseeb Irfanullah

Dr. Irfanullah is a part-time visiting research fellow of the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) of ULAB. Over the past 19 years, he has evolved from being an algal taxonomist to an aquatic ecologist, from a conservationist to a development practitioner. At the current stage of his evolution, Dr. Irfanullah finds his niche in nature-people-knowledge nexus. Over these years, he has developed an interest in and understanding natural resource management, environmental governance, climate change adaptation, disaster risk management, technological innovation, and poverty alleviation – all focusing on human well-being. Dr. Irfanullah has worked for and has been associated with many national and international environmental, development, learning, and research organizations, donors, and government agencies in different capacities. He is also associated with many peer-reviewed journals, learned societies, funding agencies, and knowledge and professional networks. He helps his organizations with strategic direction and expert opinion; influencing policies and practices; planning, managing, and ensuring the quality of programs; and fundraising and financial management.