Dr. Ingrid Van Putten

I am a research scientist with the ecosystems modeling team at the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, in Hobart, Australia.  My background is in economics and environmental studies. I have a particular interest in applying behavioral economics to help address fisheries and natural resource management problems. In my past research, I have focused on understanding social and economic decision-making by marine resource users (whether they are commercial fishers, recreational fishers, the aquaculture industry, or tourists) and comprehending their interactions with the biophysical marine environment. I use empirical approaches (such as interviews and different survey techniques) but I also use different modeling tools and approaches (e.g. Bayesian and network analysis). Combining real data and models to represent resource user behavior and interactions at the appropriate level of complexity is a powerful tool to help plan appropriate management interventions.   Overall, I hope to improve the management of important marine systems and ensure their long-term viability.