Jennifer Lee

I came to Bangladesh in my first year of my PhD to start building my research network and to get a sense of the country. It was my first time in Bangladesh, and I’m glad that I was able to be hosted at CSD. Everyone was incredibly friendly, and it was very helpful to hear about the lab’s various research projects to help sharpen my own budding research interests. My stay coincided with the CSD annual conference on sustainable development, so it was a great opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of sustainable development research.

The desk space was located in the CSD office, so it was nice to feel a part of the CSD team. It was also great to be able to use the ULAB library—especially since many of the books were not available in my own institution’s library. Through their connections, I was able to visit various sites and projects in Bangladesh to get some exposure to some key environmental and social challenges.

My experience at CSD was incredibly helpful in building my research network in Bangladesh and I look forward to keeping in touch!


Jennifer Lee
CSD ULAB Visiting Researcher
PhD Candidate at ETH Zurich