Sara Minnaro

Sara Minnaro

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
(Spain), and work in the ERC-funded BIGSEA project as part of the Earth
System Dynamics research group ( Our
project aims to develop a unified framework model which represents the
most important interactions of the global human-ocean system. I came to
Bangladesh to complete fieldwork on subjective well-being in small-scale
fishing communities and how it changes, along with fishing effort and
environmental perceptions, at different degrees of market integration.

Partnering with the CSD proved a great decision for the duration of the
trip; from being picked up at the airport terminal upon my arrival, to being
provided with networking opportunities, to the invaluable help in organizing
the fieldwork logistics, it was a wonderful experience and a great entrance
gate and reference to a deeper understanding of the fascinating and complex
country that is Bangladesh.

Our sampled locations needed to include both remote areas and sites fully integrated in the global economy. CSD staff advised me on selecting the sites, which ended up being the remote island of Nijhum Dwip, and several fishing communities in the crowded and more developed Chittagong area.

The scientists at CSD, through their wide network of contacts in Bangladesh, selected a brilliant team of university students who actively participated as field assistants and enumerators in the field research. They also provided the introduction to the communities we would work with, ensuring we had their approval and support to undertake our study. Included are some photos from my fieldwork and my experiences with the CSD team.

I am particularly grateful to Mr. Joy Bhowmik for his kind assistance and efficient handling of logistic matters. I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Samiya Selim for her warm welcome to the team. In the future, I look forward to fruitful ongoing collaborations with the Center for Sustainable Development at ULAB.